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Montessori Teacher Training Course

About this course

Being a Montessori teacher can be one’s career choice but to become one, it is needed to be prepared well because being a teacher is no easy job. Because here one has to take care of small kids who have just taken a step forward to a world of education and learning.

Being a teacher is always a noble career choice because here one gets the power to build a child from the very beginning. Hence, the responsibility cannot be on amateurs. One has to undergo a proper Montessori Teacher Training before they take up the job of one. With London College of Teachers and Trainers’ Montessori Teachers Training course online, one can learn on what are the essential qualities that can make them a good Montessori teacher. The foremost thing that one needs to learn is dedication. A teacher has to commit a major part of their professional life to their students so that they become a good teacher. Being under a course one can learn how they can turn their aspirations of being a teacher to a good career choice.

When one decides to be a Montessori teacher, they need to brush on certain qualities so that they can be good in their job.Our courses are international standard, and a candidate will be able to familiar with all the modern methodologies, as well as techniques, so, once you complete our course, you can teach in any part of the world.

Montessori Teacher Training Course offered by London College of Teachers and Trainers divided into 3 parts

Certificate Course

Montessori Teacher Training Course is a basic course for aspiring Montessori teachers. You will learn what is the Montessori teaching, how it is different from the conventional teaching methods, various teaching techniques, and more. The duration of the course is 6 months or 120 hours.

Diploma Course

It is an advanced level course for aspiring teachers, who have already completed the basic montessori teacher training course. This Diploma course will enhance your knowledge about the teaching method. You will learn how to understand the potential of children, how to help them explore their ideas, untangle their mental restrictions, etc. It is 10 months or 200 hours course.

PG Diploma Course

PG Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training Course is for experienced Montessori teachers or the ones, who have completed the Certificate and Diploma course, want to broaden their understanding. This course will help you know how to train your students uniquely and effectively. It is 12 months or 240 hours course.

The benefits of taking a Montessori Teacher Training course

  • This teachers training course is relevant for all grades of teachers.

  • The institution is looking for teachers who have sound expertise in Montessori Teaching.

  • It assist the teachers in understanding the development milestones and observe them appropriately in the teaching methods

  • This teachers training course assists the teachers in figuring out numerous behavioral developments of childrens locating right solutions.

  • The course prepares the teachers in mapping social and emotional development in children and equip them with appropriate support through teaching.


  • The Montessori Teacher Training Course for Teachers is divided into numerous modules.

  • Each module has a set of Multiple Choice Questions, candidates to learn these to proceed on to the next level.

  • The accurate answers of MCQs are given to the candidates once they try it.

How it works

  • You will be provided access to the course with a special username and password after selecting the course and paying for it

  • The course materials are always available to you.

  • Students must successfully complete the MCQs and assignments that are part of each module.

  • Students must complete an assignment that will be provided to them at the end of their diploma course.

  • The candidates will receive the certificate in the mail following after completing the course.

  • Duration: 120 hrs / 6 months

  • Fees: 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR (with GST + (45 US$ / 35 GBP / 3300 INR for fast-track option)

  • Duration: 200 Hours/ 10 months

  • Fees: 250 US$ / 210 GBP / 17700 INR(with GST) + (65 US$ / 50 GBP / 4700 INR for fast-track option)

  • Duration: 240 Hours/ 12 months

  • Fees: 399 US$ / 340 GBP / 29500 INR (with GST) + (75 US$ / 58 GBP / 5400 INR for fast-track option)

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Value of Certificate

Accreditation is of utmost importance for a teacher training course. The value of a teacher training institute lies in its accreditation. Accreditation reflects not only the quality of an institution but also indicates the recognition and validation of the courses with a particular provider.

London College of Teachers and Trainers is one of the global leaders in Teachers Training and trains thousands globally. Our curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements and externally moderated by renowned bodies of the world.

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What Our Student Says

" Excellent material and professional staff. The journey was informative and enriching.Like many others , i too was confused on choosing the right place for TEFL certification. But i must say London college of Teachers and Trainers has been one of the best. They are more focused on Quality than money. The different accreditation approval itself speaks about the course and service provided. A special thanks to Debby and Adrija. ".


Jincy Rebecca


" This was a very good experience. I have learnt a lot more and I'm excited to see what this course can do when I teach. The course was simple and comprehensive and I hope for the best to my tutor as well, she was helpful every step of the way. Thank you London College of Teachers and Trainers for this opportunity . Best wishes ".


Imolangla Pongen

India / Dimapur

" I have successfully completed the 480 Hours TEFL TESOL Masters Degree along with the 120 hours Child Psychology. I must say that the experience and knowledge gained was phenomenal. My tutor was an exceptionally patient, supportive and appreciative person, without whose guidance I would not have been able to achieve what I have. A highly recommended course for anyone with a love for the language and a desire to enhance their intellect. Kudos London College of Teachers and Trainers!!! ".


Roopnanda Salve

India/ Pune

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