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Counselling for Teachers

Counselling for Teachers

About this course

Have you been more interested to pursue your career as a counsellor or a teacher? Counselling course for teachers as provided by London College of Teachers and Trainers is the perfect opportunity for you.

Going through this course you will develop an in-depth understanding about the way to develop trust and build a strong relationship with the students. This is especially important when you are a teacher of young learners.

During your course you will get in touch with latest methodologies as researched and developed by leading scholars across the globe . You can readily understand the problem areas of your students and take actions accordingly. This stands true for individual learners also. They themselves can realise their problems and find solutions to it effectively.

You will learn how to identify the problems the students may be faced with, what advice to give them so that they can take right decisions and act as that decision imbues them. The whole duration of the certificate course will enable you to understand the parental issues also. Extending a helping hand to the parents also can solve the problems more easily by the implementation of proper techniques.

London College of Teachers and Trainers divided the Counselling Courses into 2 parts.


Duration: 120 hrs / 6 months
Fees: 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR (with GST) + (45 US$ / 35 GBP / 3300 INR for fast-track option)
Level: Preliminary


Duration: 200 Hours/ 10 months
Fees: 250 US$ / 210 GBP / 17700 INR(with GST) + (65 US$ / 50 GBP / 4700 INR for fast-track option)
Level: Advanced

Learning Outcome

Those who enroll in this Teacher Training Course will receive specialized training in the following zone:

  • Your skill of counselling can prove to be essential irrespective of whether you are a special educator, preschool or high school teacher.

  • The certificate you obtain at the end of the course makes you eligible for international career also which means you can find a job anywhere around the globe.

  • You as a certified counsellor and teacher can manage the class full of young learners in the most efficient manner

  • Effective planning and execution of classroom management along with counselling

Why you should do the counselling course?

  • Knowledge about child psychology is essential in tackling young learners efficiently

  • With completing the counselling course you will be able to identify the children with special needs and cater to them accordingly

  • You can interpret which are the development milestones and implement them with precision

  • Knowledge from this course will help you identify the diversity in the behavioural traits of the children. You will be able to apply proper solution ideas too.

  • Counselling course helps you understand which teaching method would be appropriate for the class allotted to you

  • Sound knowledge about emotional and social development phases in children helps you map them accurately and impart supportive teaching methods

  • The knowledge and expertise that you gather from this course can be applied to all grades, making you more eligible to be employed

How the course works

  • To enroll yourself in the course, complete our online application.

  • To inform you of all the course's details, our representative will get in touch with you.

  • Our teachers will begin teaching you once the payment is completed.

  • When you successfully complete the course, London College of Teachers and Trainers will provide you a certificate.


  • There are MCQ questions in each of the modules that you must complete.

  • You have to create assignments, case studies or lesson plans, for an advanced level course.

  • Your projects, lesson plans, or case studies will be reviewed by our teachers, who will evaluate you depending on how well you perform.

  • Duration: 120 hrs / 6 months

  • Fees: 170 US$ / 140 GBP / 11800 INR (with GST) + (45 US$ / 35 GBP / 3300 INR for fast-track option)

  • Level: Preliminary

  • Duration: 200 Hours/ 10 months

  • Fees: 250 US$ / 210 GBP / 17700 INR(with GST) + (65 US$ / 50 GBP / 4700 INR for fast-track option)

  • Level: Advanced

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Value of Certificate

Accreditation is of utmost importance for a teacher training course. The value of a teacher training institute lies in its accreditation. Accreditation reflects not only the quality of an institution but also indicates the recognition and validation of the courses with a particular provider.

London College of Teachers and Trainers is one of the global leaders in Teachers Training and trains thousands globally. Our curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements and externally moderated by renowned bodies of the world.

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What Our Student Says

" Excellent material and professional staff. The journey was informative and enriching.Like many others , i too was confused on choosing the right place for TEFL certification. But i must say London college of Teachers and Trainers has been one of the best. They are more focused on Quality than money. The different accreditation approval itself speaks about the course and service provided. A special thanks to Debby and Adrija. ".


Jincy Rebecca


" This was a very good experience. I have learnt a lot more and I'm excited to see what this course can do when I teach. The course was simple and comprehensive and I hope for the best to my tutor as well, she was helpful every step of the way. Thank you London College of Teachers and Trainers for this opportunity . Best wishes ".


Imolangla Pongen

India / Dimapur

" I have successfully completed the 480 Hours TEFL TESOL Masters Degree along with the 120 hours Child Psychology. I must say that the experience and knowledge gained was phenomenal. My tutor was an exceptionally patient, supportive and appreciative person, without whose guidance I would not have been able to achieve what I have. A highly recommended course for anyone with a love for the language and a desire to enhance their intellect. Kudos London College of Teachers and Trainers!!! ".


Roopnanda Salve

India/ Pune

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